Canobie Lake Park Tickets

Ever wondered what would happen if you combine spectacular views, exhilarating rides, award-winning shows and concerts topped off with an extra dose of adrenaline rush? Why not just go ahead and grab Canobie Lake Park tickets to discover why this entertainment powerhouse is garnering more and more followers each passing day?

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Are you planning to visit this popular destination this summer? Here are a few tips and tricks while visiting the place as well as a heap of useful information that will absolutely make the experience unforgettable for the whole family:

This wonderland was officially opened to the public on August 23, 1902, as a trolley station for the Massachusetts Northeast Street Railway Company, and was only accessible during the summer. In the park’s early years, it was known for its lush flower gardens, sprawling promenades and gentle attractions.

Make sure you wear supple dark pants if you plan on riding the Dodgem cars. The graphite used on the floor of these rides can cause a bit of staining to clothing. Most fans recommend denim and slacks as the most appropriate choices to go for to stash your Canobie Lake Park tickets safer, too.

The Blue Heron Lake Cruise ride has a very low passenger capacity and departs only every thirty minutes. Consider getting in line immediately after the last boat has left. You only have to wait half an hour to have a go on this popular headliner when you get your hands on Canobie Lake Park tickets.

From the 1930s to the early 1950s, Canobie Lake Park’s Dancehall Theater became known as a premier entertainment destination that highlighted popular icons such as Guy Lombardo, Duke Ellington, Frank Sinatra, and in the later years, Sonny & Cher and Aerosmith. Grab your Canobie Lake Park tickets now to catch superb shows that will certainly an extra element of exuberance to your visit.

Due to the superior lighting of the park and its rides, the whole place provides a very pleasant scenery during night time. The sun sets across the lake, however, and there isn’t that much time that you can take natural light pictures of things that face away from the lake. Park officials suggest taking most of your photographs in the morning. The more reason to get your Canobie Lake Park tickets as soon as possible, right?

The park’s express train often spends a lot of idle time at its station. Riders often get on the train and then end up waiting an extremely long time. Consider catching the train at the Lake Arcade station instead (but only if you see it there – don’t wait for it). The train usually leaves immediately after boarding passengers at the Lake Arcade station. Keep in mind to get those Canobie Lake Park tickets or else you’ll be left behind!

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