Need Six Flags Fiesta Texas Tickets?

Fiesta Texas: A Six Flags Theme Park

Six Flags Fiesta Texas is an extremely popular theme park in San Antonio, Texas. More than just your ordinary amusement park, Fiesta Texas has its own water park, White Water Bay, which is a perfect place to cool off on a humid Texas summer day.

Fiesta Texas has been around since 1992. Time Warner took over management in 1996, and the park joined the Six Flags family when Premier Parks bought it in 1998. Six Flags Fiesta Texas has consistently been voted one of the top amusement parks in the country, and they have won Amusement Today’s Golden Ticket Award for “Best Shows” nine years in a row.

Brand new to Six Flags Fiesta Texas in 2008 is Goliath, a 10-story inverted roller coaster that officially opened in April. Goliath has twists, turns and five inversions, but the craziest part is that the track is above you and your feet are left swinging in the substantial breeze.

For even more foot flapping thrills, check out the Superman Krypton Coaster. Superman is the only “floorless” coaster in Texas, and with speeds of 70 mph and a drop of 169 feet, it really is a coaster worthy of a superhero.

Goliath and Superman are just the frosting on the roller coaster cake at Fiesta Texas, which is a thrill seeker’s paradise. Poltergeist shoots its riders out of the station to speeds up to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds, and the Road Runner Express spills you onto the track in a crazy mine car gone wild.

Fiesta Texas has a total of 8 roller coasters for the thrill seekers in your group, including Tony Hawk’s Big Spin, which opened just last year. And when they say “spin” they mean it. This coaster has all the usual dips, drops, turns and twists, but your car is what does the spinning, for the entire ride.

Fiesta Texas is separated into six different lands: Crackaxle Canyon is one of the largest sections in the park, the Fiesta Bay Boardwalk has a carnival-like atmosphere, Los Festivales – where you will find Goliath, the retro Rockville, a thrill-seekers heaven in Spassburg and White Water Bay, the splashful water park.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas offers park guests the chance to wait in line virtually rather than physically. Visitors can purchase a Flash Pass device, and it sets a time for them to return to the ride of their choice based on the real wait time at the ride. The trick is you’re not doing any waiting in line. It’s all electronic. You just show up anytime after your scheduled ride time and cut the line. Flash Passes can be purchased at the park for up to six people.

Fiesta Texas is open on the weekends until their grand summer opening on May 17. General admission is $46.99 (if you buy online, it’s just $31.99). Kids under 48” admission cost $31.99, and children under 2 get in free.

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