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All about the Bush Gardens Tickets and Theme Parks

Have you decided to take the family on a fun getaway this summer? Then you will want to consider Busch Gardens tickets as a great option for you all to make the most of the trip. With exciting animal adventures and exhibits, you’ll be able to learn while taking in extraordinary and unique sights. With stomach turning roller coasters you will get your thrill seeking in. And with many other events, attractions and features, Busch Gardens will leave you asking for more.

There are actually two different Bush Gardens, so don’t be confused if you thought you had heard about multiple locations. The first is Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. This is located just outside of the downtown Tampa area. It’s close enough to Orlando that you can easily drive down and it’s a quick trip from the airport.

The Tampa Bay Busch Gardens is renowned for all of their amazing animal exhibits and areas. There are numerous safaris, some of which give you the option to ride up right next to amazing African animals. Other animal areas are set in a forest where you can climb through trees and take zip-line rides. There is half a dozen or so different animal areas, all of which provide different experiences and sights. This is a primary reason to grab up your Tampa Bay Busch Gardens tickets.

The second location is in Williamsburg, Virginia. This location is a few hours away from Washington D.C., it’s close enough for a day trip or for a weekend getaway. It’s much closer however to the Richmond and Virginia Beach areas. This Bush Gardens also features several different animal exhibits and shows, however they are on a smaller scale.

The Williamsburg location features many different roller coasters and rides. One of these is the Lock Ness Monster, now over 30 years old. When it was first constructed it was the tallest roller coaster in the world. While it has long lost that title, it’s still an exciting ride. The Big Bad Wolf is another old coaster at the park, dating back 25 years.

The newest roller coaster, and one that’s sure to make you want to seek out some Bush Gardens tickets is Griffon. The Griffon is a very unique ride, it’s actually a dive machine coaster. It’s the tallest and fastest dive coaster in the world, and the only one with multi-inversions. It was also the first floorless diving coaster.

If you’re a thrill seeker in or going to Florida however, don’t worry. You’re Busch Gardens tickets won’t leave you empty handed. The Gwazi is a dueling roller coaster constructed from wood. The Kumba has a drop of over 130 feet and has amazing twists and turns. SheiKra has an astonishing 200 foot, 90 degree drop. Meanwhile, Montu opened up as the tallest and fasted inverted roller coaster in the world in 1996 with a height of 150 feet and a speed of 60 mph. Lasting for three minutes and featuring 7 inversions it is very popular and well rated.

With all of these great rides and attractions, you want to grab up your Busch Gardens tickets to either location as soon as possible.