Six Flags Great America Tickets?

Six Flags Great America in Chicago, IL

Situated in Gurnee in Illinois, Six Flags Great America is Chicago’s Six Flags theme park. The park had originally opened as Marriott’s Great America in 1976. In 1984 Six Flags bought off the park from the Marriott Corporation. This park was the seventh one in the entire chain of Six Flags theme parks. Today, the park is a heaven for all children and adults all at the same time simply due to the wide range of entertainers present there. The park has a 13 acre water park, 8 theme parks, 3 specially designed for children theme areas and many other forms of entertainment. As such Six Flags Great America coupons are obviously much in demand.

Initially, the park had three roller coasters; the Willard’s Whizzer, the Gulf Coaster and the Turn of the Century. However, among these three, the Gulf Coaster lasted for as short as one season chiefly because it was quite unpopular. To make up for it in the meanwhile the Tidal Wave was added two years later. Next the Willard Whizzer changed its name to simply the Whizzer and other double attractions started to be added on to it. Six Flags Great America Tickets to these are still available and you can enjoy these rides after so many years.

Signature attractions like the double decker Columbia Carousel, the 110 feet tall “triple Ferris wheel” Sky Whirl and the gondolas: Delta Flyer and Eagles Flight are also there till date. If you want, then you can get Six Flags Great America Tickets to these rides at very reasonable prices. Among these, the Eagle’s Flight was considered one of the top 10 rides by the “Roller Coaster” magazine. However the Sky Whirl was removed off in 2001 and there was a great wave of disappointment among the visitors of the park in this regard but whatever be removed the Six Flags Great America still remains one of the few theme parks in America to provide full amusement without the inclusion of a Ferris Wheel.

Six Flags Great America tickets are nowadays available for as large as 80 rides, 4 extra children rides and the best water theme park in the entire nation. Entrance to this theme water park, Hurricane Harbor is completely free of cost.

The highlights of the Six Flags Great America now are:

* Three coasters: the Raging Bull a hyper coaster, the Superman-Ultimate a flying coaster and the Vertical Velocity a launched coaster.
* “Operation Spy Girl”, an original stunt show from the producers of the popular TV show, “24”.
* Looney Tunes National Park designed entirely for the younger kids along with an interactive play center.
* The Hurricane Harbor Water Park.

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