Need King’s Dominion Tickets?

The Infamous King’s Dominion Theme Park

Kings Dominion tickets are not very expensive, and you can usually find coupons, discounts and coupon codes online (although the success rate varies from site to site). This famous, giant theme park features fun for all ages and is a great travel destination for a low price. You can also get King’s Dominion tickets from different corporate partners depending on the day or month you want admission for.

The Cedar Fair Entertainment Company owned King’s Dominion was opened in 1975 on a 400 acre plot of parkland. It is located in Doswell, Hanover County, and is 37 km north of Richmond, Virginia and 134 km south of Washington, DC, by the Interstate 95. The park used to be a part of the former Paramount park chain which Cedar Fair acquired from CBS in 2006. The park opened in a low key manner in 1974 with a minimum amount of attractions: just the Scooby Doo’s Ghoster coasters, a junior roller coaster and the now defunct Lion Country Safari.

By the time the park opened properly in 1975, it had added the Rebel Yell racing roller coaster, a roller coaster designed by John Allen. It also added antique car rides, steam locomotives and a few flat rides along with a log flume. Galaxie, a roller coaster, was installed next to the man made lake on the property, the ten acre Lake Charles. It also had a 1/3rd size replica of the Eiffel Tower, which acted as a survey point for the entire property. The other areas of the park were named The Happy Land of Hanna-Barbara, Candy Apple Grove and Old Virginia. Paramount’s Kings Dominion is also famous for being the set of the film Rollercoaster.

In 1977, King’s Dominion added another roller coaster, their fourth installation, the King Cobra which featured a flywheel launch and a Schwarzkopf shuttle loop. It spent nine seasons in the park before it was sent off to the Jolly Roger Amusement Park in Ocean City. It was relocated further a number of times, and has finally found its place at Katapul, a Brazilian amusement park in Hopi Hari.

King’s Dominion also has a campground and an artificial mountain called the Lost World mountain by the end of the ’70s. The Lost World has three main rides, a children’s feature called the Land of the Dooz, The Journey to Atlantis flume ride, and a rotor ride called Time Shaft. They installed the Grizzly, a wooden roller coaster, in the Old Virginia section, in the forested areas, in 1982. It also started a water rapids rafting ride called the White Water Canyon in Old Virginia the following year. Galaxie featured an accident the same year and the ride was removed subsequently.

1984 saw the installation of the Berserker, an inverted swinging pirate ship, on International Street. The same year saw the introduction of a Smurf ride, Smurf Mountain, in the Lost World Mountain, and from then on it was renamed the Smurf Mountain. The mountain has since been occupied solely by the Volcano Blast Coaster since 1998 and renamed to Smurf Mountain. All entries to Smurf Mountain need a King’s Dominion ticket or a Kings Dominion coupon.

Kings Dominion released a new coaster three years later, in 1986, a TOGO stand-up coaster, the Shockwave. The very same year they decommissioned the King Cobra. Shockwave has just one loop, similar to the Cobra, but has a helix as well. The last added coaster during the ‘80s was the Avalanche which was a Mack bobsled roller coaster, the only one of its kind in the entire US. The trains are themed after countries which have teams in the winter bobsledding events of the Winter Olympics.