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Swimming with the fishes takes on a whole new meaning when you grab your very own SeaWorld tickets the next time you give freethemepark.com a visit. This legendary vacation destination takes adventurers below the surface to immerse in the mysteries of the sea with close-up animal encounters and underwater thrills that are simply out of this world. Read on and you’re sure to become a fan in no time when you finish this spread.

Ever since this popular getaway opened its gates to the public over four decades ago, it has delighted millions and millions of fun buffs who are looking for a new brand of entertainment. Besides rubbing elbows with orcas, polar bears and walruses, getting your hands on SeaWorld tickets also guarantees you a spin on the on myriad of innovative rides that this holiday hot spot offers.

When it comes to awesome thrills and attractions, snagging SeaWorld tickets is perhaps one of the smartest vacation picks that you’ll ever make. With groundbreaking rides like the Manta, Kraken, Steel Eel and the Great White, even the most hardcore adrenaline junkie will definitely want to visit this one of a kind amusement park again and again all year round.

Grabbing your SeaWorld tickets right away also gives you the privilege of getting in on the renowned Shark Encounter, where guests are carried through a submerged acrylic tube into a tank full of sharks, as well the Wild Arctic, in which guests arrive at a simulated base station to closely observe polar bears, Pacific walruses, and beluga whales.

As for foodies and souvenir aficionados, you’ll also get the best of the best when you’re visiting this wonderful getaway. With top-notch fares and gifts from Seaport Pizza, House of Douse, Voyager’s Smokehouse, Spice Mill, Simply Shamu, Captain Pete’s Island Eats, The Pearl Shop, Mango Joe’s and Sharks Underwater Grill, you’ll surely get in on some of the most sought after mementos and entrées across the country.

Why don’t you grab your SeaWorld tickets now and discover why this dazzling place is considered as one of the most sensational destinations ever? Make sure you regularly check out freethemepark.com while at it for the latest deals and updates on your favorite destinations to get a heads up on how you can transform vacation adventures into lifelong memories for less.